Friday, July 24, 2009

Fat Fish After 8

K-Town has so many spots for drinks and food it’s going to take me a while to get through them all.

Late night I find Fat Fish, a very trendy sushi bar offering a sweet deal. $2 sushi from 8 PM till close. I saunter inside to check it out.

Fat Fish Ext

It’s near deserted. The place closes in 15 minutes but there’s still plenty of sushi rolling out on the conveyor belt.

Fat Fish Int

I have a soft spot for conveyor belt sushi. Purists will argue it goes against the very idea of sushi, that great sushi can only be hand made to order, that it shouldn’t left sitting around on a buffet line or a conveyor belt. For the most part I agree. I’ve been to Todai and had the all you can eat buffet and no it is not the ideal way to serve sushi. But things are a little different at Fat Fish. The sushi IS being made fresh and put on the conveyor. Some items may have taken a few more spins than others but the freshness is better than a buffet line which may be changed every hour or so at best. And I like the idea of a sushi place closing out with a bargain binge. Rather than putting fish back into the deep freeze for next day’s service, they’re unloading as much of it as they can. Sort of like a good fish market offering deals towards the end of the day.

Fat Fish Int 2

Well that’s my theory. How did it turn out? I was pleasantly surprised for the most part. I kept it simple and grabbed three dishes off the line.

The first was Yellowtail Nigiri Sushi. Anytime you can grab two pieces of yellowtail for $2 it’s a good night. A quick dip in soy and I popped them into my mouth. The rice was room temperature but still soft. The fish had a little richness to it. It wasn’t perfect, melt in your mouth buttery like you can get at top sushi places, but for the cost better than I expected.

Fat Fish Yellowtail

The next I grabbed a tartare of salmon and tuna with a spicy mango salsa. It was colorful and definitely the star of the evening. It was just the right amount of spice and didn’t overwhelm the fish. The salmon was nicely fatty. The only drawback was the mango dice of the salsa. A little hard to eat with chopsticks, I ended up shoveling them off my plate and into my mouth.

Fat Fish Tartare

I was disappointed in my squid sushi. It looked great on the plate topped with bright red fish roe, but it was tough and chewy. I confess it was no worse than the squid sushi at Kabuki but it was definitely no better.

Fat Fish Squid

Overall I couldn’t complain. For $6 I got six pieces of sushi that would normally cost me $16. It’s street parking but I was able to find a spot nearby (me the city’s worst parallel parker.) Fat Fish closes at 11 PM so it can’t really be called a late night spot. But if you’re between karaoke clubs near 6th Street and feel like popping in for a quick sushi fix, Fat Fish is a good choice.

Fat Fish
3300 W 6th St
Los Angeles, CA 90020
(213) 384-1304
Price Range: $2 Sushi from 8PM to Close (except for Uni and Salmon Roe which are usual price and made to order. As they should be!)

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